Multiculturalism: An Asset or a Problem? ‎Implications for Intercultural Education

Keywords: multiculturalism, equal treatment, intercultural communication, othering, minority empowerment, intercultural education


In the present article, I will examine the discourse and practices of multiculturalism as an alleged emancipatory aspect of contemporary social life. I will argue why a “one world, many peoples” doctrine has proved to be a far-fetched dream on many occasions. To do so, I will first review the ideals of multiculturalism and then will discuss how these very ideals are, at times, violated through a discriminatory treatment and representation of multicultural “others” in the Western communication media and organizations. The article, however, does not intend to depict a dystopia. Rather, the possibilities to arrive at tolerant heterogeneous communities will also be explored and ideas to promote successful intercultural communication and education will be put forward.

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